Design Documentation Video

Got an opportunity to give a presentation on “How to make design documentation videos?” for the New Media Design students of 2010 batch from National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. After realizing the most common problems encountered by design students when they start making a documentation video, I made a series of video tutorials which might help them and other design students as well.

The video tutorial playlist can be found here.


Play Pong using Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam, Wii, iPhone and Kinect

This is a part of another project where we were interested in comparing different modes of interface for the game of Pong. The game is built in such a way that the user can choose either Mouse / Keyboard / Wii / iPhone / Webcam (color tracking) / Microsoft Kinect to play the game. This video shows the game being played using kinect.

Thanks to Suvani Suri for helping me to document this and also Manasi for her amazing tripod.