Privacy Pixels

I needed a sound track for the Privacy Pixels Project. Tried my hands in synthetic composition this time. I really liked the abstract feel this piece gives. This is what I was looking for.


Transfinite by Ryoji Ikeda

Its my first experience in visiting an digital art installation. I was quite interesting to see the visuals online before visiting.. But most of the projects which I have seen in new york generally disappoints me once I check out in person. Projecting or hyping a project online (pics/videos)are real easy. But this one was different. The moment I entered the hall, I was thrilled by the scale. These white bars which appear for fractions of seconds really create a strobe effect sort of a feel… I sat there for a while. Initially I was thinking about how the artist would have implemented the projection, logistics etc.. then was thinking about his explanation on the project.. then slowly started getting engaged into the installation. Completely forgot where I am. The sound design was too good. I kind of felt like listening to a techno version of ‘Mirudhangam‘. If you notice, there is a pattern of beats which resembles the way beats are generated in mirudhangam. This random flashing of white stroke in such a large scale made me feel little uncomfortable.. irritating.. was not able to take it anymore kinds.. but i started liking it because its was looking beautiful. At the same time, it creates an uncomfortable feel. Very odd combination to experience together. It was completly new. I mean it has no connotation attached to it. I am not remembering anything else when i am watching it. No resemblances etc.

Slowly without my knowledge, I started feeling like i am soo small in front of this ‘larger than life’ exhibit. Each white line felt like some information (data) moving or traveling and i am sitting on top of it.. as if i am a small microorganism who is stuck inside a wire which is carrying digital signals. I think that was my  “wow” moment. My eyes were wide open. I started walking closer to the vertical wall and lied down there and started feeling the data. Its an unexplainable feeling.. There is no way I can write about it or show a pic or video and make another person feel what i felt. I think this is what is termed as an ‘Experience’.

Have shared the video and photos here. beleive me guys, its nothing compared to experiencing it in real.