Turing pattern

Recently was fasinated by the aesthetics of turing patterns. Wanted to tinker a little bit with the algorithm and values to see the outcomes. Started exploring and reading codes by Kyle McDonald, Jonathan McCabe and Martin Schneider. Here are some of my explorations.


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Tried playing around with openCV blobs and created a palette. This is my first project in openframeworks. I had this idea for the benetton’s window project while I was in fabrica but did not implement it then. As the logic is simple, thought of trying it in openframworks.

Basically it detects the consumers (users) walking by the window and generates a palette with predefined colors. The idea is to have the color pallete of the collection in the showroom. I still want to make the appearance of each bar little smooth.

Privacy Pixels

If a stranger came up to you on the street, would you give him your picture? Probably not.Yet people often dole out all kinds of personal information on the Internet. Services like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Flickr are oceans of personal minutiae — birthday greetings sent and received, school and work gossip, photos of family vacations, and movies watched.Computer scientists and policy experts say that such seemingly innocuous bits of self-revelation can increasingly be collected and reassembled by computers to help create a picture of a person’s identity, sometimes down to the Social Security number. I am trying to potray this through ‘Privacy Pixels’. Using a server side script, profile pictures of random people from facebook are fetched. These pictures are then used in constructing the ‘Privacy Pixels’. The pixel blocks with silhouette are the people who did not upload a profile picture.

Note: Facebook allows anyone (may not be your facebook friend) to fetch your profile picture in four different sizes. There is no privacy settings to disable this.

This video shows the dynamic construction of the Privacy Pixel Canvas. Tens and Thousands of Profile Pictures were fetched to complete this canvas. Music composed in Fruity Loops.

Privacy Pixels in Large Canvas