Gesture based Bubble game in Flash AS3

I started using computer vision libraries in Processing and then shifted to openframeworks. But have not done anything in web for quite sometime. So thought of trying out some cool stuff in flash. I had very low impression on flash when it comes to computer vision stuff. But looks like even though its slow, its very easy to code in as3.

I built my first gestural bubble game. I dont have to explain the game for those who are familiar with opencv example of processing. But for others, ya this game is all about hitting the bubbles using your hands / fingers / head / anything in your hand 🙂

You can play for yourself by clicking here.

Note: Obviously you need a webcam to play this game.

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2 thoughts on “Gesture based Bubble game in Flash AS3

  1. Code for this ?

    Works well – what do you mean by slow ? CPU ?
    You can integrate c++ libraries intoflash or put this through the GPU using the starling framework.

  2. Decisions based on validating each and every pixel in the frame is dropping the fps to 5-6. In this example, I am just checking for the pixels near the bubbles (~10 pixels in all directions). So when the number of balls increase, the framerate drops.

    I have not tried using starling framework. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try.

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