Yawn Detector

I was a great fan of Apesnake Manwolf project at Fabrica. Thanks to Che-Wei Wang and David Peñuela for inspiring me. The moment I returned home, I couldn resist myself from trying FaceOSC. Its soo cool to play with our face gestures. I spent nearly an hour trying out all possible weird gestures 😉 Then landed up doing an app which will detect when you YAWN. I was imagining a scenario where this app can run in stealth mode in corporates and keep a count of how many times a particular employer yawns. Actually that can generate a good yawn report for the managers 🙂 Anyways here I am detecting when the user yawns and I am playing an audio which says “Stop yawning and get back to work!” and also displays a text “Stop Yawning!”.

Note: I myself yawned once genuinely when I was writing this post and this girls voice “Stop yawning and get back to work!” was soooooo irritating… then I smiled and said to myself “This app works.”


90 thoughts on “Yawn Detector

  1. Not yet. Code needs some cleaning.
    If you want the source code, give your email id and I will email it to you.

    1. I’m working on fatigue detection, too. Please do help me by sending your source code. Email:yongfu_jiang@126.com. Thank you.

  2. hi sure Kumar
    i’m doing my final yr proj on Driver drowsiness using eye tracking and yawn detection.
    so can u mail me the code. so it wil b very useful fa my project
    thank you & its my pleasure if i get ur codes


  3. Hello Kumar,
    your work is brilliant.
    Is if possible for you to share your code? I would be glad to have it a look.


    Marco (gig dot robot at tiscali dot it)

  4. Hi Sures, I am working on fatigue detection and I need your help. Can you please mail me the code for guiding me. My mail id is “dipal.sodha@gmail.com”

  5. Hi Mr. Suras, I have project like yours. Can you help me to give this source code for reference my project. Thanks.

  6. hey there, firstly i yawned almost twice watching this video 😛
    secondly im working on drowsiness detection using 5 parameters
    – Head Nod ( pressure sensor)
    – REM pattern blinking
    – Yawn Detection
    – Area of eye
    – Lane Drifting

    Can you pleasepass me ur source code, or at least share the flow chart 🙂
    at ammarajaved2@gmail.com

  7. Hello Sures. Im currently working on the same project for my final year project. can you email me the source code? Thanks in advanced 🙂

  8. Hi,
    I’m doing my final year research project which is about identifying the students’ concentration level while studying using facial expressions such as eye blinking, yawning etc. It would be a great help if you can share the source code to my email id narmi767@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. I’m working on fatigue detection, too. Please do help me by sending your source code. Email:juanpablo_caudillo@hotmail.com Thank you.

  10. Hey, thats an amazing work that you have done there. I have been trying to write the yawn detection code on python using openCV. Can you please mail me your code, so I can refer your code.

    Thank you!

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